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  • Carbide Tipped Dead Centers

    A Carbide Tipped Dead Center is a conical tip(60 degrees) fitted in the steel shank by means of brazing.

    Carbide tipped dead centers are used where the workpiece has a high hardness or for mass production components.

    As Carbide has high wear resistance quality, it lowers machine down time.

    We manufacture standard, special(custome made) centers, Bull nose Centers, Half dead centers,Straight shank & taper shank (Upto MT-6) carbide tipped dead centers.

  • Center Tips for Dead Centers

    We supply Carbide Center Tips used to manufacture Carbide Tipped Dead Centers. These tips are available in Standard shapes as well as in special forms like Step type, Bull nose type as per requirements.

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    Slitting Saw blanks are used to manufacture Slitting Cutters used in Piston manufacturing, Watch Making, Marble Cutting, Paper & various industries for cutting/slitting purpose.
    We supply Slitting Saw Carbide Blanks starting from 1.2 mm thickness and ranging from 6 mm to 60mm in Diameters.


    These tips are used for manufacturing Roller Grooving Tools in Sugar Industries. These tools form    grooves on Sugarcane crushing Roller. We supply Tips of 8 to 10 mm in thickness & with 300 to 600 angle for grooving.

  • Tungsten Carbide Bushes

    Carbide Bushes are mainly used as Jig Bushes, Guide Bushes, Flux Coating, Shot Blasting & many other places as a wear resistance part in various industries. We supply Plain as well as Step Bushes with different sizes & different shapes as per your requirements.

  • Tungsten Carbide Dies / Pallets

    We manufacture different types of Dies in Sintered as well as in Finished/Ground conditions as per client requirements. Presently we are supplying different types of Carbide dies like – Forming dies, heading dies, wire drawing pallets, extrusion dies, and swaging dies for various applications.

  • Tungsten Carbide Flats/ Strips

    Flats/Strips are used in different applications of Wear & Metal Cutting like Cutting Blades, Tips for reamers, tracks for work rest blades, Gauges etc. We can various strips/flats in different sizes & shapes in Un-ground as well as  Ground/ Finish condition.